Systems Intelligence Part 1 : Are you a Reformist or a Revolutionist?

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  • The reformist approach works within the present landscape, aims to proactively address the pressing challenges without questioning the more deeply rooted and complex non-linear causal socioeconomic factors through the desire to scale in the short term.
  • The revolutionist approach sees the reformist approach as little more than addressing symptoms of systems based on mental models and framings of the world that need fundamentally changing.
  1. Present an intuitive metaphorical “3D systems intelligence lens” (3D SIL), through which to help one make sense of and discuss “systems within systems” — including scales, boundaries, and perspectives — and their relationships, across physical and immaterial domains. Through which to then:
  2. Undertake a typical systems perspective process to interrogate some of the factors within our modern world underpinning our present global challenges using futurist and scholar Sohail Inayatullah’s Causal Layered Analysis (CLA).
  3. Use the findings to analyse two new economy approaches (reformist and revolutionary) looking at the strategies they focus upon using systems researcher Donella Meadows seminal text on “leverage points”: places to intervene in a system.
  4. Make the case for transcending approaches and pose a series of questions to open up debate.



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