Photos and Notes from enkel Food Futures guerilla conference 12 Oct 2014

Harry Wykman

On Sunday morning we gathered under a big tree down at the Growers’ Green Farmers’ market in Fremantle to talk about some possible futures of food in Western Australia.

In the event, which was part of the Australian National Fair Food Week, we began by listening to our invited speakers: Ben Foster from Black Soldier Fly Waste Management, Renée Gardiner from Growing Change, Shona Anne Hunter of The Hidden Pantry and Harry Wykman of The Black Earth Collective.

After these inspirational talks, which set the scene and highlighted some of the exciting ideas at the forefront of sustainable production, distribution, consumption and waste handling of food and drink in WA, we moved the conversations into the future. Dr Anita Kelleher from Centre for Australian Foresight reminded us that the future is not a destination — it’s something that is open to us to create ourselves. Anita briefly presented the scenarios she developed for the Western Australian Agrisector in 2025 together with the economists and the communications teams at Department of Agriculture and Food WA.

We formed four groups with the aim to illustrate or visualize an answer to the question “How will we eat and drink in WA in 2025?” Futurist Adam Jorlen helped the groups by providing a so-called V-STEEP framework, but also made it trickier by throwing in wild cards of various potential post-mining booms.

After an hour the groups presented some fascinating scenarios for our food future and we discussed how we can move towards (or away from) these imagined futures.

We in the enkel collective will continue our work to create and weave resilient networks in and across food & drink and other related and interconnected fields, so if you’re interested in your food future, join us next time!

Thinking about the future
Renée Gardiner
Futurist Adam Jorlen kicking off the event
Shona Hunter
The four scenarios are presented
Ben Foster presenting guerilla style with IPad
Grower’s Green Farmers’ Market
Pretty nice conference room
Black Soldier Fly Waste Management
Grower’s Green Farmers’ Market
Wonderful Folks at Ringwould Dairy

Photos: Jordan Ivatts

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Originally published at on October 14, 2014.

Collective in Perth, Western Australia with the mission to create a new generation of changemakers.

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