Some enkel news for you :)

1. Enkel Temporary Maker Space

Last weekend’s temporary maker space was a success with hundreds of people from the age of 3 to 83 popping in to learn more about new tech and the maker movement. They made praxinoscopes, soldered badges and got 3D scanned. We talked about drones with customs people, project based learning with teachers, moral implications of 3Dprinted guns, how to make lasercut backyard DIY windfarms and 100s of other cool things.

Big thanks to David O’Meara and the people from , to Andrew Van Dam, Andrew Molnar and all the . To all the furniture makers and designers; Jennifer, Remington, Lizzie, Fei, Ben, Megan, Danny Bourke, Georgina and Jack. To Andrew Power Tran and Chid Gilovitz for running workshops and promoting enkel. To our 3D artist-in-residence Alan Clark! To Angus and the guys from . To Adrian from . To for providing components for the electronics workshops. To Brendan from for filming the event. To Jordan for social media promotion. To the coffee guys. And of course to all people who came down and showed their support for enkel.

2. Enkel Field Trip to Garbologie

On Thursday 31 July we’ll go for a visit to innovative social enterprise in O’Connor.

Garbologie is a mattress recycler and tip/shop who are coming up with inventive ways of diverting valuable resources from landfill. Apart from ripping apart old beds and selling on their components, they take some pretty creative approaches to resource reuse.

We will look at the facilities and have a chat to Garbologie founder and chief visionary Adam Johnson. We’ll also discuss the upcoming “Waste Social Lab” — an event which will be co-organised by The School of Social Entrepreneurs and Garbologie, and that Enkel have been invited to do something for.

More info .

3. Enkelcoin

Enkel is currently operating a time banking system, where all hours spent working on enkel projects are converted into enkelcoins. These can be exchanged into other value in the enkel collective. So please log all hours you work for enkel on a and get it signed by two members!

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Originally published at on July 28, 2014.

Collective in Perth, Western Australia with the mission to create a new generation of changemakers.

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